This April Fools we thought I would have a bit of fun!

To do this I took all of the design elements that were the norm years and years ago and created a true eye sore of a website so you can see how far we have come in the world of websites and website design.

Bad website UX

Features in my Aprils fool's website included:

  • Autoplaying music
  • Poor readability
  • Distracting visual elements
  • And many more

Which created, ermmmm, a very poor website which gave a bad impression - to say it lightly.

What's surprising is that many of these elements are still being used today in many different websites - why! Like JNCO Jeans - we should have left these poor website elements in the 90s where they belong.

The need to bring your website into 2017 is further stressed by Google's latest update in February 2017. This update was a quality update designed to boost sites that offer great user experience and hinder those that don't.

Great website design with useful features and a good structure offer your website visitors a good user experience. Something that Google likes and rewards your site for with higher rankings etc.

Poor website design that is cluttered with bad elements (like the ones used in the 90s) gives your website visitors a poor user experience. These types of websites are what Google hates and wants to remove from their search results.

Don't be stuck in the past with a poor website design, bad website functionality and harmful SEO. Bring your website into 2017 and beyond with a little help from me at James Sarjeant development.

I can work with you to ensure that your website is re-built, re-skinned or refreshed - whatever your business and your website requires. You can read more about my services on my newly designed website (right here).

Good UX

I'm looking to the future, are you?