I have just uploaded a few photo’s into iPhoto and I noticed the image count at the bottom.14,883. Then it struck me, the drawback with digital is what on earth do we do with all of the pictures we take. Granted my collection is rather large and has been amassed over several years and not just by me but what do people actually do with their pictures? In the old days of film rolls, photographers used to think very carefully before pressing the shutter button, taking every precaution and step to ensure the photo was perfect. With digital I now find myself taking a shot, adjusting a setting here or some lighting there and snapping again and again, getting several images of the same subject. Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to go through and delete the not so perfect ones but there are also the ones you think “I could play with that one in Photoshop later” and never get round to it. Gone are the days where we get a film developed and stuff the pictures in a box under the bed or in a cupboard.

I think its time to cull some of my pictures.