The other day I was trying to think of some new and original ideas for a project I was working on and the creative juices just weren't flowing. The ideas were just the same old same old. Now I know we all get a mental block every now and then but is it possible to force yourself to be in a creative mood?We can have piles of inspiration around us, some have a scrap book, some have collections of images online whatever system works for us, but do we have to be in the right mood to be creative or can we sit down and make ourselves be creative. Personally I feel like I have to be in the right mood with the right project to really shine but then again Im not natually artistic. I would much rather sit down and hack out some code which I can normally do no matter what mood Im in. Which brings me to my next point.

Is being creative linked to genetics from birth or can we make decisions in our childhood and later lives to ensure we turn out to be creative? I used to play lots of Lego when I was little which allowed me to build some amazing models which simply couldn't exist in reality yet showed a great immagination. Now however I have to be in the mood for creative so did I not do enough in my early years to ensure my creativity or am I just not built for thinking differently?