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One of the largest ranking factors that search engines use to rank your website is content. Content is king, and keeping the content on your website fresh and up to date is vital. There are however many smaller factors that also contribute to a good search engine ranking. These are what I like to call "technical SEO".

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO covers a wide range of code based tests and updates which keep your website or eCommerce platform in tip top condition. These tests include things like:

  • Sitemap updates
  • Fixing unseen code errors
  • Speeding up site load times
  • Redirecting or resolving broken links
  • And much more

All of the above tests go towards making your website as attractive as possible to the major search engines.

How do I do these checks?

Some of these checks can be done yourself via a Content Management System (CMS) but a lot of them require delving into the code and various tools to see exactly what needs doing.


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